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Baltic by Design is a Veteran-owned small business that designs and manufactures artistic laser cut wooden gifts in their Maine workshop. Name dropping at no additional charge!
$100 $100 VISA / MC / AMEX
A globally conscious leader in fashion accessory manufacturing and distribution. Products include jewelry, beaded bags, apparel, hair accessories and more.
$200 $150 V, MC, AMEX, Disc
All 5 states
$240 $100 Visa, M/C, AmEx, Discover
$200 $100 Visa, MC, AmEx, Discover
$100 $50 CREDIT CARD
$250 $100 Visa, Mastercard, AmEx, Discover
$300 $150 AMEX, VISA, MC
Candles proudly handcrafted and packaged in the USA. We are a nimble boutique manufacturer with high volume capabilities and quick turn-around times.
$200 $100 VISA / MC / AMEX / DISC
"Since 1993, our goal has been to create imaginative, sumptuously soft plush characters with the versatility and value endorsed by our retail partners. Attention to detail in the facial expressions, special features,and textured materials has been our trademark."
$150 $150 VISA / MC
Great Finds has been a business specializing in home décor products for over 22 years - providing quality service to our customers and a wide variety of unique items at affordable wholesale prices.
$250 $150 Visa, MC, Discover
$200 $100 AMEX, VISA, MC
$150 $100 CREDIT CARD
$300 $50 VISA, MC, AMEX, DISC
...unique kitchen products with functionally superior designs and ergonomics to today’s quality conscious consumers. Kitchen Innovations has been in business since 2004...Our products are supported by our 10 year guarantee and are always produced to meet our own exacting standards.
$300 $200 Visa, Mastercard, AmEx
$500 $50 VISA, MC, AMEX, DSC
$200 $150 VISA, MC, AMEX, DSC
"A line of hand-made textiles and accessories for the home. There is a wide variety of products and hundreds of designs from fun and witty sayings to elegant decor. -Everything is hand-stitched, hand-sewn, and hand printed in the USA. Mariasch Studios offers all the popular design themes, categories and trends. -Customize your order by name dropping cities, states, attractions and events to the products they offer. Or, add your own designs and artwork for very low minimums and no additional charge."
$250 $100 VISA / AMEX / MC
$200 $200 VISA / MC / AMEX / DISC
$100 $100 VISA, MC, AMEX, DSC
Jandals® — Hawaii-famous since 1983
$500 $250 VISA, MC, AMEX, DSC
$500 $250 MC/VISA/AMEX
-- -- VISA / MC / AMEX
Your unique wholesaler for gifts and home decor with a touch of personality and style, customized for you and your home.
$250 $100 VISA / MC / DISC
$100 $100 VISA / MC / AMEX
$150 $100 VISA, MC, AMEX, DSC
$800 $500 VISA / MC / AMEX / DISC
$100 $100 CREDIT CARD
Intelex Group invented heatable soft toys. Established in London in 1995 with an impeccable 20 year record for quality and safety. In house product and packaging design teams. Offices and warehouses in UK, USA and China with distributors in 44 countries. A trusted supplier to multiple retailers worldwide.
$250 $200 VISA / MC / DISC / AMEX